Journal History

AM Journal of Art and Media Studies was initiated by the volunteer work of professors and students from the Theory of Art and Media Group at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade in 2011. The first editor-in-chief and founder of AM was Professor Miško Šuvaković, Ph.D. Publishing house Orion Art and the Faculty of Media and Communications, Belgrade, have supported and enabled the concept and realization of the journal in every respect, and have thus made a significant initiative to present theoretical research in contemporary art and media studies to the scholarly and cul­tural community of Serbia. The following scholars have aided the development of the journal with their work: Dr. Brian Massumi, Dr. Patricia MacCormak, Dr. Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield, Dr. Huimin Jin, Dr. Ryszard Waldemar Kluszczyński, Dr. Levi R. Bryant, Dr. Elizabeth Grosz, et al.