Mário de Andrade’s Thinking on Aesthetics

Eduardo Jardim Moraes


This article presents Mário de Andrade’s thinking on aesthetics in the period from the Modern Art Week of 1922, when he read the essay “A escrava que não é Isaura”, to his final writings in the 1940s. Andrade’s aesthetics points to two directions. The first is the need for a renewal of artistic production in Brazil. The second is a consideration of art and its forms in their social dimension. These two directions appear both combined and in a rather tense opposition, in consonance with the distinctive traits of Andrade’s personality. A key aspect in this regard is his critical review of Modernism in his final years, in writings such as “O artista e o artesão”, of 1938, and in his 1942 conference entitled “O movimento modernista”.

Article received: April 24, 2021; Article accepted: June 23, 2021; Published online: October 15, 2021; Original scholarly article

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Mário de Andrade; Brazilian modernism; aesthetics; modern art.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25038/am.v0i26.472


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