Art of Crisis: Modern or Postmodern?

Valentina Hribar Sorčan


According to the last book of Peter V. Zima Modern/Postmodern (2010 modernism/modernity, postmodernism/postmodernity is once again a subject of reflection in contemporary aesthetics. It attempts to examine those concept not only in artistic, stylistic way, but also from the other points of view: historical, political, social, ideological. I would like to reveal a thesis that a distance of last decade or two we recognise that we are more and more from the spirit of postmodernism/postmodernity and that we open some problem once again that modernity had in the centre of its reflection: identity of subject, sense of existence, the feeling of crisis: the art of crisis. Does it mean a return of some points of modernism/modernity? I will try to answer to this questions by inviting to a discussion also other contemporary thinkers (Jean-Luc Nancy, Alain Badiou, and Jacques Rancière).


art of crisis, modernism/modernity, postmodernism/postmodernity, contemporary aesthetics

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