Performans/Ritual/Teorija. Tumačenje Vežbe: Ispoljavanja–Uobličavanja Prostora Posmatranja / Performance/Ritual/Theory. Interpretation of Exercise: Manifestation–Incarnation of the Space of Perception

Zoran Belić Weiss


A short analysis of classification of disciplines, arts, artistic fields and performance art, as well as a brief overview of the visual arts tradition that articulates a new area and the discipline of performance art (with an emphasis on the early avant-guard and examples of performance art during sixties and seventies of the 20th century), is followed by a theoretical model of categories, i.e. four types of performance art: formal, experiential, symbolic, and ritual, including three crucial attributes of each category: rhetoric, syntax, audience, and then, finally, by an application of this general theoretical model to an analysis of an example of performance art Exercise: Manifestation-Incarnation of the Space of Perception by Zoran Belić Weiss from the 1980.


performance, visual arts, kinesthetic, rhetoric, syntax, audience, Zoran Belić Weiss

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