Višak života: teorija i filozofija savremene tranzicijske umetnosti i forme života / Surplus Life: The Theory and Philosophy of Contemporary Transitional Art and Form of Life

Miško Šuvaković


Th is text is about understanding theoretically and the philosophically the conditions of thinking and acting in different registers of art, science, technology, and politics in contemporary transitional cultures. In the context of abstract knowledge, the central problem of the following discussion will be to articulate the understanding and presenting of thinking and acting immanent to multiplicity. My intent is to theorise both the immediate and broader contexts of Bio Art within the larger context of concrete knowledge. Bio Art offers an occasion to explore structural potentialities and modifications at various intersections of technology, science, politics, and art in contemporary culture.


Bio Art, form of life, human, posthuman, postmedia art, prehuman, spectacularisation, surplus life

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