Queer Calendars: Art-Activist Project of Contemporary Transition Art

Biljana Kosmogina, Saša Kesić


This text is about an art-activist project in the context of transition art: Queer Calendars, a project by the 3a3or Group. These calendars are a reaction to the necropolitics of post-socialism, as the setting of different, critical, activist platforms and procedures in every homogeneous field of identification and control in neoliberal capitalism. As in the time of the global project of totalizing, it is necessary to use queer tactics for the politicization of art, which work as political strategies of subversion of every stable structure of power, including governing in micro- or macro- cultures and societies.


Queer Calendars, post-socialism, global capitalism, necropolitics, queer, abject(ion), 3a3or Group

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25038/am.v0i8.105


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