Relacije umetnosti i video igara / Relations of Art and Video Games

Manojlo Maravić


When discussing the art of video games, three different contexts need to be considered: the 'high' art (video games and the art); commercial video games (video games as the art) and the fan art. Video games are a legitimate artistic medium subject to modifications and recontextualisations in the process of creating a specific experience of the player/user/audience and political action by referring to particular social problems. They represent a high technological medium that increases, with practically each new commercial game, the aesthetic potential of audio-visual
performances and includes more complex narrations and characters/avatars. A number of artists take part in their creation: designers, composers and actors. Video games are a medium through which the fans of commercial games are trying to secure their position in the contemporary technologised culture.


video games, art, artists, fans, politics, phenomenology, body, experience, aesthetics, interactivity

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