Etičko razumijevanje erosa u Levinasovoj filozofiji / Ethical Understanding of Eros in Levinas’ Philosophy

Kristina Bojanović


In this paper I will analyze one of the central ideas of Emmanuel Levinas – a phenomenon of eros, and try to show why erotic relation in his thought is designated as exemplary ethical relation, and how it is associated with other ideas introduced by this philosopher. I will provide a general overview of Levinas’ philosophy, with emphasis on his ‘showdown’ with traditional Western ontology and the establishment of ethics as first philosophy, in order to come to the main part of the analysis, in which I will consider the ambiguity and paradoxicality of phenomenon of eros, and the concept of feminine as principal in erotic relation. Also, I will try to explain and differentiate some more phenomena necessary for understanding of eros, such as caress and fecundity. In conclusion I will make a concise distinction between eros in Levinas and Plato, as well as distinction between eros and agape, but also I will clarify the erotic relation as asymmetric intersubjective relation within the Levinas’ philosophical project.


eros, ethics, face, Other, feminine

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