Sarajevo: Politics and Cultures of Remembrance and Ignorance

Adla Isanović


This text critically reflects on cultural events organized to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War in Sarajevo and Bosnia & Herzegovina. It elaborates on disputes which showed that culture is in the centre of identity politics and struggles (which can also take a fascist nationalist form, accept the colonizer’s perspective, etc.), on how commemorations ‘swallowed’ the past and present, but primarily contextualizes, historicizes and politicizes Sarajevo 2014 and its politics of visibility. This case is approached as an example and symptomatic of the effects of the current state of capitalism, coloniality, racialization and subjugation, as central to Europe today.

Article received: June 2, 2017; Article accepted: June 8, 2017; Published online: October 15, 2017; Original scholarly paper

How to cite this article: Isanović, Adla. "Sarajevo: Politics and Cultures of Remembrance and Ignorance." AM Journal of Art and Media Studies 14 (2017): 133-144. doi: 10.25038/am.v0i14.199


dehistorization, depoliticisation, politics of visibility, cultures of remembrance and ignorance, fascistoid politics, auto-colonialism, coloniality, necropolitics

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