Das Unheimliche manevar udvojavanja prostora: forma prati (podeljeni) subjekt / Das Unheimliche Maneuver of Doubling the Space: form is following the (divided) subject

Mariela Cvetić


The text studies space doubling of architectural objects (houses) through the Freud’s psychoanalytic concept Das Unheimliche in different/various media (film and installations) and explores the state of subject in space as well as the change of architectural form regarding to it (subject). Analogically to the question ”What does the Other want from me” (Che vuoi?), the question is: „Where do I stand (literally) in regard to the Other”; in other words: „What is the subject’s (spatial) position towards the Other”, as well as What space do I occupy. In fact, subject roams between different spaces and never is on the spot where he is, both when he doesn’t believe that he is where he is and when he accepts the place where he is as absolute fatum.


Other, subject, doubling, space, Das Unheimliche

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25038/am.v0i2.27


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