Neobaroknost fizičko-virtuelnih prostora u savremenim scenskim izvođenjima: slučaj Hotel pro forma / Neo-Baroque Spaces in Contemporary Performances – Case Study: Hotel Pro Forma

Milica Bajić Đurov


This paper is exploring the issues of complexity of spatial relations between physical and virtual structures in contemporary scene design, and the resulting neo-baroque features of visual spectacles. The neo-baroque aesthetics and poetics found in the contemporary performance spaces are largely rooted in the artistic conceptions based upon the elaboration of the relation between physical and virtual representational elements as a way to overcome the classical representational structures. The aim of this analysis is to investigate neo-baroque as an aesthetic synthesis of new interrelations between virtual and physical space based on the use of digital technology. In an attempt to illustrate the complexity, as well as the possibilities introduced by the neo-baroque poetics and aesthetics, the paper is analysing the example of Danish performance troupe Hotel Pro Forma.


physical space, virtual space baroque, neo-baroque, scene design, digital technologies

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