Activist Philosophy and the Occurent Arts


  • Biran Massumi



event, relationality, activist philosophy, techniques of existence, occurrent arts


This text deals with a number of interrelated concepts – from something doing to the bare fact of activity, from bare activity to event and change, from change to potential and the production of the new, from production of the new to process as becoming. But process of becoming is also self-creation, and as such is double. It consists of relational and qualitative dimensions, which are also in their turn political and aesthetic, that is aesthetico-political and speculative-pragmatic. Practices we call politics and practices we call art are all integrally aesthetico-political, and every aesthetico-political activity is integrally speculative-pragmatic, and as such can be approached through the concept of techniques of existence. They are inventive of subjective forms in the activist sense – dynamic unities of events unfolding – so they qualify whatever domain in which their creativity is operative as an occurrent art.


Author Biography

Biran Massumi

Biran Massumi
Department of Communication Sciences, University of Montréal


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