Nemogućnosti metajezičkog položaja u tekstualnom procesu: kritičko-komparativna analiza psihoanalitičkog i poststrukturalističkog diskursa / The Impossibility of Metalanguage Position in Textual Process: Critical -comparative Analysis of Deconstruction and Psychoanalytic Discourse

Bojana Matejić


In this article I have dealt with critical comparation between Lacanian psychoanalytic and Derrida’s poststructuralist thesis on the impossibility of metalanguage in the textual production. The aim of the article is to show that the potentiality of their political intervention quality may be effective successfully both with aspect of the ideological theory, based on the psychoanalytic model, and from the positon of the deconstruction theory, depending on the mode and context in which the given process is taking place. The thesis of this paper is that the procedure of deconstruction does not necessarily exclude, but only pushes the critical potentialities of political and ideological theories to the margins.


metalanguage, deconstruction, Derrida, psychoanalysis, Lacan, truth, text, politics, ideology

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