Kritika Burioovog koncepta postprodukcije / Critique of Bourriaud’s Concept of Postproduction


  • Tamara Đorđević



post-production, common, production and consumption, Marx, Burriaud, distribution


This paper offers a critical look at Nicolas Bourriaud’s concept of post-production based on the principle of distribution, i.e. sharing. On the general level, this paper is focused on
the trend of selective borrowing of certain terms from the framework of emancipatory practices and using them in the context of established artistic methods, which results in taking the edge off the criticism inherent in the original premises they were based on. By announcing the availability of those means that are allowed and recognized in the artistic context, one is disregarding the logic of capitalist production, which can show progress in one area, while in other area it results in a necessary role that emerges as the condition for the first side of the process. In addition to a discussion about these points, we also provide an analysis of the equally problematic illusion of
the effective availability of goods, which has been proclaimed in the works of some post-operaist authors.

Author Biography

Tamara Đorđević

Tamara Đorđević
Group for Theory of Arts and Media, University of Arts, Belgrade

Ph. D. student


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