Ideologija i retorika dizajna / Ideology and Rhetoric of Design


  • Jovana Ćika



visual culture, design, design culture, ideology, the rhetoric of image, advertising


There isn’t one or the best definition of design, because design can be defined from various perspectives. Design has long been considered as a closed and individualistic discipline, which is astonishing compared to its interdisciplinary and domains that it covers. The paper does not answer the question about the design, rather it try to position design in the current theoretical practices. By asking a series of questions about areas that integrate the design itself (visual culture, visual grammar, visual communication, visual rhetoric and the rhetoric of images, design and cultural representation, design ideology, the ideology of designers, historical setting and the effects of artistic movements, creative industries, the social dimension, innovations and practices, communication) I will try to prove that design is creative principle of visual culture.

Author Biography

Jovana Ćika

Jovana Ćika
Group for Theory of Arts and Media, University of Arts, Belgrade

Ph.D. student


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