Artistic Future


  • Asen Ou Cornell University, Ithaca, NY




Author Biography

Asen Ou, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Born and raised in South Korea, Asen Ou was constantly surrounded by the latest, most cutting-edge technology. His first, and most dear, interaction with technology was when he got his first Nintendo DS in elementary school. This inspired him to create his very own games using MIT’s Scratch in his computer class. As he grew older, his affinity for technology only got bigger. In middle school, he began learning coding languages such as Python and Java. Along with this, he also developed an interest in design as his mother was an interior designer. In high school, he dove deeper into the realm of design by participating in many design competitions along with group projects. All of this led him to his freshman year in Cornell now where he was inspired by his experiences with the arts and technology to create an info comic about AI art.






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Ou, A. (2023). Artistic Future. AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, (30), 140–147.