Introduction: Towards Yugoslav Studies


  • Ana Petrov
  • Andrija Filipović



Introductory essay for Main Topic: Towards Yugoslav Studies

Published online: September 15, 2017

How to cite this article: Petrov, Ana, and Andrija Filipović. "Introduction: Towards Yugoslav Studies." AM Journal of Art and Media Studies 13 (2017): 1-4. doi: 10.25038/am.v0i13.186

Author Biographies

Ana Petrov

Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University, Belgrade


Ana Petrov (1982) has finished musicology studies at the Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade, and Master’s and PhD studies in sociology at the Sociology Department at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Since 2015 she has worked as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications, Belgrade. Petrov is the author of a book on Pierre Bourdieu (Orion Art and FMK, Beograd, 2015) and Bruno Latour (Orion Art and FMK, Beograd, 2015), on scientific imperialism in Max Weber’s discourse on music (Rethinking Rationalisation, Hollitzer Verlag, Wien, 2016), and a book dealing with the reception of Yugoslav popular music after the dissolution of Yugoslavia (Yugoslav music without Yugoslavia, FMK, Belgrade, 2016).

Andrija Filipović

Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University, Belgrade

Andrija Filipović(1984) is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Media and Comunications in Belgrade. He is the author of books on Gilles Deleuze (FMK/Orion Art, 2015) and Brian Massumi (Orion Art, 2016). He has published numerous papers in Serbian and international journals and edited volumes dealing with art theory, queer theory, contemporary continental philosophy and sound studies. He has translated works by Deleuze, Foucault, Barthes, Erjavec and others into Serbian.




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