Review of Enea Bianchi’s The Philosophy of Mario Perniola (2022)


  • Oliver Milne University of Galway, Ireland



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Author Biography

Oliver Milne, University of Galway, Ireland

Oliver Milne is a final year PhD student at the School of History and Philosophy at the University of Galway, and a game narrative and systems designer with KatHawk Studios. His academic work is divided between two main areas. On the one hand, he focuses on analytic ontology and philosophy of mind. On the other hand, he delves into the study of power, corruption, capitalism, and constitutional forms through the lens of political oncology (the examination of self-reinforcing feedback loops of power and its abuse), utilizing a systems approach that informs and is informed by his game design work. Oliver also volunteers for the Northern Independence Party – a small socialist party working for independence for Northern England – and is a founder of the Northern Constitution Project, an independent, volunteer-run think tank intended to develop sortitional-democratic constitutional models capable of producing a transition to democratic socialism. He has previously worked as a freelance games journalist and a secretarial assistant.




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Milne, O. (2023). Review of Enea Bianchi’s The Philosophy of Mario Perniola (2022). AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, (31), 127–129.