Transrodno telo kao mesto transgresije binarno strukturirane rodnosti / Transgender Body as a Site of the Transgression of Binary Structured Gender Concept


  • Aleksa M. Milanović



subject, identity, sex, gender, transgender


Reconsideration and reinterpretation of binary sex/gender categories within a specific cultural context can bring into question discursively posted and determined limits regarding the above categories which define the subject and oblige it to fit into the imaginary and set models of sexuality and gender. The subject internalizes normatives and adopts/approves social constructs as natural facts which allows and leads to the survival of constructs as the one and only valid option. On the other hand, transgender identities and range of other/different gender and sexual identities, indicate the fragility of borders and offer a possibility of their reinterpretation and re-evaluation. This paper addresses the issue of transgender body as a site of the transgressive potential which can subvert the binary structured gender/sex concept, and which can also disrupt the mechanisms of the institutional imposition of those binary norms. Through the language, written and nonwritten laws, regulations and rules of the certain cultural context the subject is being channeled and modified, becoming an object controlled by the dominant discourse.

Author Biography

Aleksa M. Milanović

Group for Theory of Arts and Media, University of Arts, Belgrade

Ph.D. student


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Milanović, A. M. (2013). Transrodno telo kao mesto transgresije binarno strukturirane rodnosti / Transgender Body as a Site of the Transgression of Binary Structured Gender Concept . AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, (4), 56–63.