alien city. Grad u toku / alien city. The City In Progress

Marta Smolińska


  • Marta Smolińska


Keywords:, city, virtuality, cyberspace


This text is devoted to the phenomenon of the city that functions only in virtuality. And this is exactly the case with alien city — the virtual city “floating” in cyberspace at (created by alien productions from Vienna). Th e website address becomes
the threshold of the city. alien city could be compared with the so-called ideal, perfectly laid out cities (for example Sforzinda by Filarete) and its dynamic structure could be juxtaposed with a monad, proposed by G.W. Leibnitz. It is processual, unstable, elusive and limitless. As a delocalized and nomadic structure alien city cannot have any stable history — in contrary, it’s history is changeable, indefi nite and, in fact, unpredictable.


Author Biography

Marta Smolińska

Marta Smolińska
Art and Culture History Faculty, Toruń Nicolas Copernicus University


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