Transdisciplinary Practices on Migration Topic: The Case of “Migrations in Art – the Art of Migrations”


  • Nataša Jovanović



migrations, art, media, transdisciplinary practices, new readings


In this paper, I will deal with transdisciplinary artistic and media practices on the example of a project “Migrations in Art – the Art of Migrations” that was realized by the Gallery of Matica Srpska in Novi Sad, Serbia. This project is a good example of interdisciplinary connection on the topic of migration, a topic that I also deal with in my Ph.D. dissertation. I would especially like to refer to the new theoretical and sociological readings in this example and the way in which certain practices have been applied and linked in this project. I will also show why this approach is very important for understanding the way the issue of migrants and migration are presented in the media and in artistic practice, which significantly implies the presentation of this very important 21st-century issue. I would try to shift the focus toward migrant corridors and new tendencies in art projects that provide “flashbacks” to the past and search for connective tissue with the present.

Article received: May 17, 2022; Article accepted: July 15, 2022; Published online: October 15, 2022; Original scholarly paper

Author Biography

Nataša Jovanović

Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University, Belgrade

Nataša Jovanović is a Ph.D. candidate at the Faculty of Media and Communication, Singidunum University, Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated and received her MA degree in Media and Communications Studies – Global media culture from the Faculty of Media and Communications at the Singidunum University in Belgrade. She also published the article “From Posthuman to Posthumous and Back”, in AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, No. 17. She has participated in several seminars and congresses, including the 21st International Congress of Aesthetics in Belgrade where she moderated at a Panel Session Contemporary Aesthetics of Cultural and Activist Practices and presented her research on the topic “Aesthetics of the city in the border and migration environment”. Jovanović is a web editor at Radio televizija Srbije (RTS) and a longtime journalist and researcher of social phenomena. She also deals with new media, documentary, media monitoring, vulnerable groups, and political theory.


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