Izvođenje identiteta u procepu paradigmi / Performing of Identity in the Gep of Paradigms


  • Jelena Nikolić Vanović




performing, performance, identity, body, analog and digital paradigm, fashion, ideology, control


Through the analysis of the different types of digitization of reality in cybernetic paradigm, we will see the ways in which the modern subject is formed, and how the relationship between digital and analog paradigms reflects the understanding and expression of identity, and thus ideology. Becoming, through participation in virtual reality, its own supervisor, the individual, today, is subjected to a new kind of ideological control and turns into a user of the body, which no longer belongs to him/her but the production system. Posthuman development treats the human body as a professional device that requires constant upgrading. We will consider how the contemporary performance of identity, as well as its visual articulation, reflects the potentiality of body and achronicity of time in the digital paradigm, and in what ways the dominant form of cultural performance today, performing of one’s self, places outside the boundaries of factuality.

Author Biography

Jelena Nikolić Vanović

Group for Theory of Arts and Media, University of Arts, Belgrade


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Nikolić Vanović, J. (2014). Izvođenje identiteta u procepu paradigmi / Performing of Identity in the Gep of Paradigms. AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, (6), 59–65. https://doi.org/10.25038/am.v0i6.74