Artists as Activists: The Simulation of Politics and its Value


  • Philipp Kleinmichel



art activism, simulation, symbolic economy, aesthetization, Trotsky, Breton, Occupy


Today we may witness the emergence of various forms of political activism as art. Based on a necessary distinction between political activism and political activism as art, the article highlights the symbolic economy that stabilizes the relation and structural difference between art activism and political activism. Insisting on the fact that political activism as art must be measured not only by its impact on the psycho-political atmosphere of our time, the author portends that the meaning of art activism appears in regard to its innovative function within the contemporary art world, which is the musealization and historization of political activism.

Author Biography

Philipp Kleinmichel

Hochschule für Theater und Musik, Leipzig; Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe


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