Interdisciplinarni i metamedijski eksperiment Ivana Ladislava Galete / Interdisciplinary and Metamedial Experiment of Ivan Ladislav Galeta

Dragana Kružić


Experiment can, as an artistic process in the works of Ivan Ladislav Galeta, be interpreted as a process of crossing, overlapping and exceeding the boundaries of different disciplines and the specificities of the media. This means that Galeta’s artistic creativity is a kind of structural act based on ambiguous epistemological protocol and as such, it questions the legitimacy and guarantee of sense, provoking
everything from the commonsensical and perceptual, to the credibility of the established canon and forms. Media structures suggest, within which Galeta moves, an interdisciplinary approach and the heterogeneity of its artistic creativity, and can be localized to the area of sequential images and to the area of extended, expanded and structural films, videos and TV arts and environmental projects and actions on the internet.


nterdisciplinary, metamedial, experiment, perception, zero point field

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