Musical Genre as an Indicator of the Unity in Diversity Concept: Case Study of the ESC’S Winning Song Hard Rock Hallelujah


  • Marija Maglov



Eurovision Song Contest, Europe, unity in diversity, musical genre, Finland, Lordi


In this paper, the author questions the role of musical genre presented on the Eurovision Song Contest in the context of the unity in diversity concept, recognized as one of the markers of European cultural identity. Interpretation of this concept in sociological theory is presented while arguing that it could be understood in the history of the contest. A broader view on genres presented in the first decades of the contest is offered, before focusing on a case study of Finland’s 2006 winning song. Although unusual in a purely musical sense in the context of the ESC, it is argued that this entry is more understandable when more determinants of performing European identity on the ESC stage are included in the interpretation, and that music serves as only one of those determinants and thus should be interpreted as cultural discoursive practice.

Author Biography

Marija Maglov

Faculty of Media and Communications, Singidunum University, Belgrade

teaching assistant


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Maglov, M. (2016). Musical Genre as an Indicator of the Unity in Diversity Concept: Case Study of the ESC’S Winning Song Hard Rock Hallelujah. AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, (10), 59–65.