Vikinzi – dijalektika religioznosti u reafirmaciji ontologije ljudske veze / The Vikings: the Dialectics of Religiousness in the Reaffirmation of Ontology of Human Bond

Đorđe Žutić


This paper examines connection between methodological assumptions of philosophical counseling (philotherapy), as a form of psychoterapy, and psychoanalasys, in their key relation to the question of identity. While philotherapy pressuposes that a person possesses ‘firm’ ontological identity, which by an onsetting of behavioral disorders or psychopatologies gets ‘darkened’, addressing the subject’s speech this way would be, according to Lacan, from „it’s most unthankful angle“, where one „could never identify with the idea of his wish“. But what happens if fenomenalism of an artwork is the surface of things (‘here and now’), while policy takes over the force of generisation of identity? On the question what is behind it, we will give an explicative answer, in an artwork The Vikings: it displays a cumulative paradigm through which psychoanalasis deconstructed the legitimacy of conventional morality. Therefore, if the definition of the self ‘here and now’ was there and then, in a perspective taken toward person’s psychodinamics and the ‘nature’ of wish, it all points out to political unconscious. In The Vikings it is represented in an analysis of the myth of Valhalla. According to an experience of the main protagonist and in dialectics of religious concepts of Christianity and Vikings, we follow a narrative-technical scheme which grants a perspective of given context. In the outcome of its turnovers we will  see the equation of the nature of wish with the ethics of optimizing it’s object.


TV series Vikings, philotherapy, psychoanalasis, Ragnar, Valhalla, wish, paradise

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