Digitalni zalogaji: hrana kao spektakl na društvenim mrežama / Digital Bites: Food as a Spectacle on Social Networks

Danica Čigoja Piper


This paper is directed towards reviewing the changes social media users bring into the relation between contemporary society and food consuming. Sharing the photos with previously designed food, carefully decorated and placed on suitable pads, is a common practice of users of popular social networks. Is food becoming spectacle that every user of social networks can direct like, let’s say, movie directors do? Is the value of photographed food symbolic or it has its utility value? Do we lose the utility value due to media exploitation and spectacularisation? What do media users offer us along with the photos of food – what can we learn about customer’s social status, habits, body, relationship towards the other through the concept of representation?


new media, social networks, food, photography, spectacle, representation

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